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Part 7. Mavor's Voyages

William Fordyce Mavor (1758-1837) was a prolific Scottish writer. His 25-volume Historical Account of the Most Celebrated Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries from the time of Columbus to the present period, was first published in London, 1798-1802. For a list of his other published works, see Wikipedia.

The earliest American publication of Voyages, for which Cornelius Tiebout and others engraved illustrations, consists of 24 volumes, published by Samuel F. Bradford, no. 4 South Third-Street, Philadelphia, in 1802-1803. The volumes, along with Mavor's other works, can be accessed from Internet Archive.

Turkish Amusements
Mavor's Voyages: Turkish Amusements, after Thomas Kirk

Twenty-seven plates in Mavor's Voyages were engraved by Cornelius Tiebout. These volumes are listed below and shown in the carousel.

Other engravers of plates in Voyages are listed here:

James Akin (1773?-1846)
Gilbert Fox (1776-1807?)
William Haines (1778-1848)
William Harrison (1774-?)
Alexander Lawson (1773-1846)
Joseph H. Seymour (dates unknown)
Samuel Seymour (dates unknown)
Henry Schenck Tanner (1786-1858)
Henry W. Weston (dates unknown)

In comparison with Tiebout, the engravers, possibly all residing in Philadelphia in 1802, were not well known. On the other hand, the artists, all English, were well known:

Richard Corbould (1757-1831)
Julius Ceasar Ibbetson (1759-1817)
Thomas Kirk (1765?-1797)
Henry James Richter (1772-1857)

A sequel to the American 1802 edition, published in Philadelphia in 1817, is entitled A Selection from Dr. Wm. Mavor's Celebrated Voyages, Travels, Discoveries, and Interesting Narratives, of the Most Distinguished Adventurers, for which only one artist and one engraver are included: Julius Ibbetson and Cornelius Tiebout.

Volume 1

William Mavor LLD, Frontispiece.
De Gama Relating the Purport of His Voyage. (Richter)

Volume 2

The Death of Captain Walter Raleigh. (Ibbetson)

Volume 3

Captain Rogers Attacked by a Seal. (Corbould)

Volume 4

The Confiscation of Roggeweins Ships. (Richter)
Singular Instance of the Attachment [Hotentot returning clothing to gentlemen]. (Richter)

Volume 5

Captain Wallis's Visit to Oberea Queen of Otaheite. (Corbould)
Patagonians Alarmed at the Discharge of Musketry. (Corbould)

Volume 6

Captn. Cook's Visit to the Chief of Middleburg Island.
The Inside of a Hippah, in New Zeeland [a native village in New Zealand].br>

Volume 7

Death of Captn. Cook at Owhyhee. (Corbould)

Volume 8

Singular Instance of Intrepid Philanthropy [man on horse rescuing drowning sailors]. (Richter)

Volume 9

Launch of the Oroolong. (Corbould)
Mutinous Conduct of the Bounty's Crew. (Corbould)

Volume 10

M. De Brisson's Interview with the Emperor of Morocco. (Kirk)

Volume 11

The Georgian Lovers [Russian-Georgian mother and daughter confronting daughter's lover]. (Kirk)
A Lapland Wizard Bargaining for Wind. (Kirk)

Volume 12

Chinese Jugglers. (Kirk)
Turkish Amusements. (Kirk)

Volume 13

The Nile Pirate Escaping from the Pacha [prisoner swimming as Turks watch] (Kirk)

Volume 14

Ceremony on Entering an Abyssinian Church. [Woman kneeling before door]. (Kirk)

Volume 15

Humanity of an Indian to his Ass [Indian carrying heavy basket of fruit beside unburdened ass]. (Kirk)

Volume 16

Mr. Brydene Paying a Lying in Visit.

Volume 17

Northern Indian Conjurers with a Sick Man.

Volume 18

(no Tiebout engravings in volume 18)

Volume 19

The Doge of Venice Marrying the Adriatic. (Kirk)

Volume 20

Bristow Alarmed by Tigers. (Kirk)

Mavor Title Page William Fordyce Mavor De Gama Death of Walter Raleigh Captain Rogers attacked The Confiscation Singular instance of the Attachment Captain Wallis's Visit Patagonians alarmed Captain Cook's Visit The Inside of a Hippah (village) Death of Captain Cook Singular Instance of Intrepid Philanthropy Launch of the Oroolong Mutinous Conduct M de Brisson's Interview The Georgian Lovers A Lapland Wizard Chinese Jugglers Turkish Amusements The Nile Pirate escaping Ceremony on entering Humanity of an Indian Mr Brydene paying Norhern Indian Conjurers The Doge of Venice Marrying Bristow Alarmed by Tigers