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Part 11. American Entomology (Thomas Say)

If you have already read Part 10, then you have already seen that certain Cornelius Tiebout engravings are associated with Thomas Say (1787-1834). Before 1826, Tiebout had already engraved insect drawings by Titian Ramsey Peale II (1799-1885) for the first two volumes of Say's American Entomology, published in Philadelphia in 1824 and 1825. Under the leadership of William Maclure (1763-1840), who was president of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (now the Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University), Say joined Maclure and other Philadelphians in a move to New Harmony, Indiana, during the winter of 1825-1826. Cornelius Tiebout moved to New Harmony in October 1826; there he continued engraving copper plates for volume 3 of American Entomology. For more information and references pertaining to Say, Maclure, and the scientific community in New Harmony, see these sites at the University of Evansville (located about 26 miles from New Harmony): Thomas Say and William Maclure.

The three volumes of American Entomology are available online:

Volume 1, 1824
Volume 2, 1825
Volume 3, 1828

Lesueur portrait of Thomas Say
Portrait thought to be of Thomas Say,
attributed to C. A. Lesueur.
Courtesy of Charles Alexandre LeSueur Collection,
Purdue University Libraries Archives and Special Collections.

In their biography, Thomas Say, Early American Naturalist, Harry B. Weiss and Grace M. Ziegler describe the artists and engravers whose names appear in the plates in the three volumes:

Of the fifty-four plates of the "American Entomology", twenty-eight are by T. R. Peale, nine are by C. A. Lesueur, nine by W. W. Wood, whose identity is uncertain, and two by H. B. Bridport, an Englishman who emigrated to America in 1816 and lived in Philadelphia where he established a drawing academy and painted miniatures. Six plates are unsigned. C. Tiebout, G. Lang, and Longacre are the names signed to the plates as engravers, and Mr. C. Tiebout engraved nearly all of them.
The six unsigned plates (numbered 1, 4, 7, 10, 14, 18) had already been published in Say's preliminary edition of American Entomology, published in 1817. No artist or engraver is identified for these six plates. The 1817 book can be viewed here: Preliminary edition.

High quality images from the three volumes, 1824-1828, with names of artists or engravers removed, can be downloaded from New York Public Library and Picryl Public Domain.

Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly
This illustration of Papilio glaucus (eastern swallowtail butterfly) appears in many publications without the names of the artist and engraver.

Most of the names Say assigned to the insects in American Entomology are no longer accepted. It appears that tables showing current scientific and common names appear here for the first time. Initials for the artists and engravers are as follows:

HB, Hugh Bridport (1794?-1868)
GSL, George Shortread Lang (1799-1877)
CAL, Charles Alexandre Lesueur (1778-1846)
JBL, James Barton Longacre (1794-1869)
TRP, Titian Ramsey Peale (1799-1885)
CT, Cornelius Tiebout (1773?-1832)
WWW, William W. Wood (1794-1869)

Table for Volume 1, 1824

Plate Artist Engraver  Name in American Entomology   Current scientific name   Common name(s)
1     Papilio philenor Battus philenor pipevine swallowtail, blue swallowtail
2 TRP CT Stizus grandis Sphecius grandis western cicada killer
2 TRP CT Stizus unicinctus Stizoides renicinctus  
3 TRP CT Lytta nuttalli Lytta nuttalli Nuttall blister beetle
3 TRP CT Lytta albida Epicauta albida gray blister beetle
3 TRP CT Lytta maculata Epicauta maculata spotted blister beetle
3 TRP CT Lytta sphæricollis Lytta fabricius  
4 TRP CT Scarabæus tityus Dynastes tityus eastern Hercules beetle, scarab beetle
5 TRP CT Acrydium ornatum Tetrix ornata ornate pygmy grasshopper, ornate grouse locust
5 TRP CT Acrydium lateralis  
6 TRP CT Laphria fulvicauda Andrenosoma fulvicaudum robber fly
6 TRP CT Laphria sericea Laphria sericea robber fly
6 TRP CT Laphria dorsata Pogonosoma dorsatum robber fly
7     Nemognatha immaculata blister beetle
8 TRP CT Xylota quadrata Tropidia quadrata thickleg fly
8 TRP CT Xylota ejuncida Xylota ejuncida polished leafwalker
8 TRP CT Xylota proxima Syritta pipiens syrphid fly
8 TRP CT Xylota hæmatodes  
9 TRP CT Calandra tredecim-punctata  
9 TRP CT Calandra tredecim-punctata, variety  
9 TRP CT Calandra quinque-punctata Rhodobacnus quinquepunctatis
9 TRP CT Calandra compressirostra Sphenophorus cultrirostris weevil
10     Anthicus bicolor Euconnus becolor
10     Anthicus monodon Notoxus monodon antlike flower beetle
11 TRP CT Syrphus cylindricus Sphaerophoria contigua tufter globetail
11 TRP CT Syrphus obscurus Platycheirus obscurus hover fly
11 TRP CT Syrphus obliquus  
11 TRP CT Syrphus politus Toxomerus politus corn-feeding syrphid fly
12 TRP CT Smerinthus geminata   sphinx moth
13 TRP CT Leptis ornata  
13 TRP CT Leptis albicornis  
13 TRP CT Leptis vertebrata  
13 TRP CT Leptis fasciata Chrysopilus fasciatus snipe fly
14     Berytus spinosus Jalysus spinosus still bug
15 TRP CT Pelicinus polycerator Pelicinus polycerator American pelecinis wasp
16 TRP GSL Blaps suturalis Eleodes saturalis darkling beetle
16 TRP JBL Blaps acuta Eleodes acutapernigra darkling beetle
16 TRP JBL Blaps obscura Eleodes obscurus darkling beetle
16 TRP JBL Blaps hispilabris Eleodes hispilabus darkling beetle
17 TRP JBL Argynnis diana Argynnis diana Diana fritillary
18     Cicindela decemnotata Cicindela decemnotata badlands tiger beetle
18     Cicindela formosa Cicindela formosa big sand tiger beetle

Table for Volume 2, 1825

Plate Artist Engraver  Name in American Entomology   Current scientific name   Common name(s)
19 HB CT Ægeria exitiosa Synanthedon exitosa peachtree borer
19 HB CT Ægeria omphale  
20 TRP CT Cœnomyia pallida  
21 CAL CT Lycus reticulatus Calopteron reticulatum banded net-winged beetle
21 CAL CT Lycus terminalis Calopteron terminale end band net-wing
21 CAL CT Lycus sanguinipennis Lycostomus sanguinipennis net-winged beetle
21 CAL CT Lycus perfacetus  
22 WWW CT Ichneumon devinctor Ichneumon devinctor  
22 WWW CT Ichneumon unifasciatus  
22 WWW CT Ichneumon centrato Ichneumon centrato parasitic wasp
22 WWW CT Ichneumon brevicinctor Vulgichneumon brevicinctor  
23 WWW CTLimenitis arthemis Limenitis arthemis red-spotted purple, white admiral
24 CAL CT Dicælus violaceus Dicælus purpuratus ground beetle
24 CAL CT Dicælus splendidus Dicælus splendidus ground beetle
24 CAL CT Dicælus dilatatus Dicælus dilatatus ground beetle
24 CAL CT Dicælus sculptilis ground beetle
25 CAL CT Mantispa brunnea Climaciella brunnea  
25 CAL CT Mantispa interrupta Decromantispa interrupta mantisfly
26 CAL CT Buprestis rufipes Buprestis rufipes red-legged buprestis
26 CAL CT Buprestis fasciata Buprestis fasciata metallic wood borer
26 CAL CT Buprestis confluenta Buprestis confluenta metallic wood borer
26 CAL CT Buprestis campestris  
27 WWW CT Vanessa furcillata Aglais milbert fire-rim tortoise shell, Milbert's tortoise shell
28 WWW CT Cryptocephalus ornatus  
28 WWW CT Cryptocephalus confluentus Cryptocephalus confluentus leaf beetle
28 WWW CT Cryptocephalus bivittatus Pachybrachis bivittatus Say's two-striped pachy
28 WWW CT Cryptocephalus viduatus Pachybrachis viduatix case-bearing leaf beetle
28 WWW CT Cryptocephalus othonus Pachybrachis othonus case-bearing leaf beetle
29 WWW CT Scolia confluenta Compsomeris plumipes/td> scoliid wasp
29 WWW CT Scolia octomaculata Colpa octomaculata eight-spotted scoliid wasp
29 WWW CT Scolia tricincta  
30 WWW CT Pieris nicippe  
31 CAL CT Reduvius novenarius  
31 CAL CT Reduvius crassipes  
31 CAL CT Reduvius spissipes Apiomerus spissipes  
31 CAL CT Reduvius raptatorius Sinea diadema rapacious soldier bug
32 WWW CT Tremex sericeus Tremex sericeus pale tremex
32 WWW CT Tremex obsoletus Tremex obsoletus wood wasp
32 WWW CT Tremex columba Tremex columba pigeon tremex
33 HB CT Pangonia incisuralis Esenbeckia incisuralis  
34 WWW CT Gryllus formosus Tropideolophus formosus  
34 WWW CT Gryllus hirtipes Acrolophitaus hirtipes green fool grasshopper
34 WWW CT Gryllus trifasciatus Hadrotettix trifaxciatus threebanded grasshopper
35 TRP CT Heteromyia fasciata Heteromyia fasciata biting midge
36 WWW CT Hipparchia andromacha  

Table for Volume 3, 1828

Plate Artist Engraver  Name in American Entomology   Current scientific name   Common name(s)
37 TRP CT Spectrum femoratum  
38 TRP CT Spectrum bivittatum  
39 CT CT Languria bicolor Languria bicolor lizard beetle
39 CT CT Languria mozardi Languria mozardi clover stem borer
39 CT CT Languria puncticollis Languria puncticollis  
39 CT CT Languria trifasciata Languria trifasciata lizard beetle
40 TRP CT Papilio turnus Papilio glaucus eastern tiger swallowtail
41 CAL CT Enoplium onustum Enoplium onustum  
41 CAL CT Enoplium pilosum Enoplium pilosum  
41 CAL CT Enoplium damicorne Enoplium damicorne  
41 CAL CT Enoplium quadripunctatum Enoplium quadripunctatum  
42 TRP CT Pompilus formosus Pompilus formosus spider wasp
42 TRP CT Pompilus unifasciatus Pompilus unifasciatus  
42 TRP CT Pompilus terminatus Pompilus terminatus  
43 CAL GSL Tetyra fimbriata Tetyra fimbriata  
43 CAL GSL Tetyra cinctipes Amaurochrous cinctipes turtle bug
43 CAL GSL Tetyra violacea  
43 CAL GSL Tetyra alternata Eurygaster alternata shield-backed bug
44 TRP CT Phryganea subfasciata Pychnopsyche subfasciata fasciated northern caddisfly
44 TRP CT Phryganea dosuaria  
44 TRP CT Phryganea semifasciata Ptilostomis semifasciata giant casemaker
44 TRP CT Phryganea interrupta Leptoceruis interruptus long-horn caddisfly
45 TRP CT Cychrus viduus  
45 TRP CT Sphæroderus stenostomus Sphæroderus stenostomus ground beetle
45 TRP CT Sphæroderus bilobus Nomaretus bilobas ground beetle
45 TRP CT Scaphinotus elevatus Scaphinotus elevatus eastern snail eater
46 TRP CT Melitæa myrina Melitæa myrina pearl-border frittilary
47 TRP CT Ploiaria brevipennis Emesaya brevipennis assassin bug
48 CAL CT Malachius bipunctatus Collops bipunctatis two-spotted melyrid
48 CAL CT Malachius tricolor Collops tricolor melyrid, flower beetle
48 CAL CT Malachius nigriceps Collops nigriceps black-headed melyrid
48 CAL CT Malachius vittatus Collops vittatus melyrid, flower beetle
48 CAL CT Malachius otiosus  
49 TRP CT Philanthus canaliculatus Eucerceris canaliculata wasp
49 TRP CT Philanthus zonatus Eucerceris zonata  
49 TRP CT Philanthus vertilabris Philanthus vertilabris  
49 TRP CT Philanthus politus Philanthus politus beewolf, bee-hunting wasp
50 TRP CT Hipparchia semidea Oeneis melissa melissa arctic
51 CAL CT Boletophagus cornutus Bolitophagus cristatus forked fungus beetle
51 CAL CT Boletophagus corticola Bolitophagus corticola fungus beetle
52 TRP CT Sphyracephala brevicornis Sphyracephala brevicornis stalk-eyed fly
53 CAL CT Clytus speciosus Glycobius speciosus sugar maple borer
53 CAL CT Clytus hamatus Clytus ruricola long-horned beetle
53 CAL CT Clytus undulatus Xylotrechus undulatus spruce zebra beetle
54     Danaus plexippus Danaus plexippus monarch butterfly

For modern entomological taxonomy, see ITIS: Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

For common names of insects, see Entomological Society of America. Suggested search terms: leaf beetle, cicada killer, peachtree; in the Author search box, search Say and (Say). The parentheses indicate that the first published description was given by Say and that the current scientific name differs from the name given by Say.

There are thousands of entomological websites about various taxa. See, for example, Jens Prens, An Annotated Inventory of the Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) Described by Thomas Say.

For further information about Thomas Say in Philadelphia and New Harmony, see Pennsylvania Heritage

Charlotte M. Porter gives a detailed study of the early years of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, including the work there of William Maclure, Thomas Say, Charles Alexandre Lesueur, and associated scientists, artists, and publishers, in "The Concussion of Revolution: Publications and Reform at the Early Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 1812-1842, Journal or the History of Biology, vol. 12, no. 2 (Autumn 1979) 2;73-292.

The carousel below shows only those plates in American Entomology that are signed by the engraver C. Tiebout.

v1 1824 Plate 2 v1 1824 Plate 6 v1 1824 Plate 8 v1 1824 Plate 9 v1 1824 Plate 10 v1 1824 Plate 11 v1 1824 Plate 12 v1 1824 Plate 14 v1 1824 Plate 15 v1 1824 Plate 16 v2 1825 Plate 20 v2 1825 Plate 21 v2 1825 Plate 22 v2 1825 Plate 23 v2 1825 Plate 24 v2 1825 Plate 25 v2 1825 Plate 26 v2 1825 Plate 27 v2 1825 Plate 28 v2 1825 Plate 29 v2 1825 Plate 30 v2 1825 Plate 31 v2 1825 Plate 32 v2 1825 Plate 33 v2 1825 Plate 34 v2 1825 Plate 35 v2 1825 Plate 36 v3 1828 Plate 37 v3 1828 Plate 38 v3 1828 Plate 39 v3 1828 Plate 40 v3 1828 Plate 41 v3 1828 Plate 42 v3 1828 Plate 43 v3 1828 Plate 44 v3 1828 Plate 45 v3 1828 Plate 46 v3 1828 Plate 47 v3 1828 Plate 48 v3 1828 Plate 49 v3 1828 Plate 50 v3 1828 Plate 51 v3 1828 Plate 52 v3 1828 Plate 53 v3 1828 Plate 54