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Part 16. Encyclopedia (Brewster) and Dictionary (Gregory)

Part 16 continues not only a collection of Cornelius Tiebout engravings, but also descriptions of American editions of books—previously published in London or Edinburgh—that include illustrations by British engravers. The copper plates that were used for the British publications were not re-used in America. Instead, American engravers re-drew the images as a first step in the meticulous process of engraving on new copper plates. Among the engravers was Cornelius Tiebout.
Brewster brewery
Plate LXXVII in The New Edinburgh Encyclopedia, vol. 4: London Porter Brewery
Tiebout engraved 27 plates for three American editions of The New Edinburgh Encyclopedia. The editor of the original Edinburgh Encyclopedia was Sir David Brewster (1781-1868). Brewster was also an editor of Ferguson's Lectures, described in Part 15 of this website. The American New Edinburgh Encyclopedia appeared in three editions (Philadelphia, 1812-1831; New York, 1813-1832; Philadelphia, 1832). They include Cornelius Tiebout engravings as listed in the table below. In the table, the digital page (DPN) number is used to index the plates. These digital page numbers refer to an online Hathitrust copy of the 23 volumes that can be accessed from the 1832 Philadelphia edition, at both Hathitrust and Internet Archive. The notation "(missing)" indicates that the plate is missing from the 1832 edition. Several images in the carousel below show signatures of two engravers; viz., Tiebout and another (Boyd, Lawson, or Kneass).

The plates can also be viewed in two online volumes:

Internet Archive: Plates 1
Internet Archive: Plates 2

Table of Tiebout engravings in The New Edinburgh Encyclopedia:

Vol.  DPN Subject Summary
1 901 Acoustics Kratzentein's vowel pipes, speaking trumpet, patterns made by sound vibrations
1 913 Agriculture Gladstone's machine for reaping corn, with details
1 915 Agriculture Threshing machine and tomb of Alexander the Great
1 899 Miscellanies Abacus, lenses, diagrams of vibrations of sound, etc.
2 817 Anemometer Anemometer with diagrams and details
2 819 Anemometer Anemometers with details/td>
2 857 Astronomy Troughton's transit instrument (telescope) and portable circle
2 (missing)  Astronomy Views of moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn
3 763 Balance Troughton's balance with details
3 765 Balance, Bandana Miller and Adie's balance, apparatus for manufacturing bandana handkerchiefs
3 767 Barley Mill Barley mill, Torriceillian Vacuum, Barometers, etc.
3 769 Barometer Barometers with details
3 775 Block Machinery Snatch block, long tackle block, boring machine, corner saw
3 781 Block Machinery Scoring machine, crown saw
3 787 Blowing Engine Blowing engine cylinder with water regulator, valves
3 789 Boring Machine Boring machine with sectional view and details
4 845 Brewing Plan and elevations of a London Porter brewery
4 861 Bridge Elevation, plan, section, details of bridge at Maxence, France
4 865 Bridge Plans, elevation, and sections of bridge over River Dee at Tongueland, Scotland
5 (missing) Card Wire Machine Elevation and sectional details of card wire machine
9 877 Galvanism Volta's galvanic pile and other galvanic apparatus
9 907 Graduation Dividing plate, knife, square, gauge devices, spring devices
10 (missing) Horticulture Plan, elevation, and greenhouse
10 (missing) Cotton Plans, sections and elevations of roller gin, saw gin, batting machine, diagonal mule for spinning cotton
10 (missing) Electricity Electrical apparatus
10 (missing) Graduation Plan, elevation, and view of a greenhouse
11 (missing) Civil Architecture Section and plan of Temple of Peace, Rome, and Temple of Fortuna Virilis, Rome

Tiebout engraved 12 plates for A New and Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, by George Gregory, (1754-1808). Published in Philadelphia in 1816 and New York in 1819, the three-volume work is based on Gregory's Dictionary of Arts and Sciences published in London in 1806. Born in Ireland, Gregory studied at the University of Edinburgh and was ordained in the Church of England in 1776. Thereafter until his death, he held a variety of clergical posts and wrote extensively.

Table of Tiebout engravings in A New and Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences:

Vol.  DPN Subject Summary
1 296 Astronomy Diagram of the solar system
1 306 Astronomy Diagrams
1 308 Astronomy Astronomical diagrams
1 350 Miscellanies Abacus, armillary sphere, barometers
1 1048 Steam Engines Various types of steam engines
2 246 Galvanism Galvanism: diagrams and experiments
2 466 Husbandry Somersetshire, Norfolk, and double furrow ploughs, Horne's sowing machine and parts
2 948 Miscellanies Micrometer, bones, musculature, Napier's rod, olive press, geometric figures
2 958 Observatory Moveable and mural quadrants, equatorial sector, portable observatury
3 216 Planetarium Planetarium and part
3 244 Pneumatics Apparatus relating to pneumatics, section views of guns
3 920 Watch Work 18 vignettes relating to watches

Title page Vol. 1, digital page 899 Vol. 1, digital page 901 Vol. 1, digital page 913 Vol. 1, digital page 915 Vol. 2, digital page 817 Vol. 2, digital page 819 Vol. 2, digital page 857 Vol. 2, Astronomy Vol. 3, digital page 763 Vol. 3, digital page 765 Vol. 3, digital page 767 Vol. 3, digital page 769 Vol. 3, digital page 775 Vol. 3, digital page 781 Vol. 3, digital page 787 Vol. 3, digital page 789 Vol. 4, digital page 845 Vol. 4, digital page 861 Vol. 4, digital page 865 Vol. 5, Card Wire Machine Vol. 10, Cotton Vol. 10, Electricity Vol. 10, Graduation Vol. 11, Civil Architecture Vol. 11, Horticulture Title page Vol. 1, digital page 296 Vol. 1, digital page 306 Vol. 1, digital page 308 Vol. 1, digital page 350 Vol. 1, digital page 1048 Vol. 2, digital page 246 Vol. 2, digital page 466 Vol. 2, digital page 958 Vol. 3, digital page 216 Vol. 3, digital page 244 Vol. 3, digital page 920